Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Dolma Tsering

It saddens and angers me to see people pass, as it reminds me of a future that Laura and I will never be together forever. Laura, so innocent and naive and oh so beautiful, hope that she never finds me untrustworthy. I wish to tell her everything that she desires to know but it will only bring harm. All she needs to know is that she is mine and I hers, asking questions about which danger her shall not be answered. For it is evident that she will leave me due to her aging. Why does she mourn for a girl who is not in relation to her? I am angry and mostly jealous that she shows such emotion for an unknown person. I only will that she cares for me and only me, I will put an end to anyone and everyone who is not me. Her singing is stabbing daggers into my heart and she who is unknowingly being ignorant of my feelings, I’d rather go inside. For it is evident that she will leave me due to her aging either way.

As I was peacefully enjoying my time with her, she was taken by the wanderer. And how dare that wanderer speak words that will cause doubt in her? Speaking to her of my fangs as needles and awls. Making her think that I’m a monster which I am, but I wish not she find out now. But I know she will not question me about such things as she’s naive and innocent and the possibility of me being a monster never crosses her mind. 

Chapter 4 – Her Habits

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  1. steven lantigua

    nice work, I enjoy reading your blog from the perspective of Carmilla.

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