I was running which felt like forever now, I’ve been doing this for so long and never have I felt like this until I met her. She is different and her beauty sparkles brighter than the moon.
I knew I had to find a way to be with her and I promised to be good this time. This time is different, she is different from the last. I won’t hurt her.

I was so thirsty that night, I wanted something to cringe away this thirst; so, I flew into the open window only to see light moving under the sheets. I stay in the darkest to watch my pray and thought of ways how to devour it.

I stay there for a bit then crawl into the sheets and I lose control but as she screamed, I flew out. I watched from the window and knew I must come again. Every night I visited her since my first encounter. I can see she is in fear, I wish she knew I mean not to hurt her I was only thirsty, and the hunger grew which sometimes I have no control over.

I don’t want to hurt her, but I want her. She calls to me. She tasted different and I don’t know if I can control what it is I am feeling. I need to have her.

Laura, Laura, Laura what have you done to me. Why do I desire you so much?