A few moments after getting the tragic news about the tragic death of  General Spielsdorf’s daughter and the grief that struck him, we hear something in the distinct like the unwonted sound of carriage wheels and many hoofs upon the road.

We saw what seem to be traveling carriage of someone important from the distant, but to our horror we saw it become a disaster. I cover my eye before seeing the horror that will be beinflicted to the carriage.

I open my eye to see the carriage flip side way and everyone going to the passenger. An old woman appeared out the carriage with a commanding air and figure. As the carriage was lifed, I saw was a young lady, who I thought was dead, but as I approached the young lady was apparently stunned. My father went to check if the yong lady still a pulse and told to old women that that her daughter was alive.

The woman didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t bring her daughter with her because of her injuries and she did not have time for to wait for her daughter to recover. She declared that she will leave her in the nearest villega and that she will return to her in three months.

I look at my father and ask if the young woman can stay with us. My father obliged to my request and ask if the woman could let her daughter stay in our care for the mean time until she return from her trip.she declined because felt as taking advendege of our kindness, but my father insisted that she stay, he elaborated that she could not take her to the nearest village because they won’t have the accommodations for a person of her stander and that she doesn’t have time to do a detour from her trip to go to the nearest village .

The old women accept our request for her daughter to stay in our care until see return from her trip. The old women kiss her daughter goodbye as she went back to the her carriage and leave.