Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Blog #4


As I retired to my chamber, I ensured my room was locked and secure for the night. As I repose, my head hits the wonderfully soft pillows, instantly allowing me to fall into a slumber.
To my knowledge, I slept dreamlessly, not having a care for wonder. I peeled my eyes open, welcoming the sun's fury to envelope my youthful skin; I found myself on the sofa of the dressing room. I observed my room and noticed my door looked forced open, but my room was left undisturbed, which left an unsettling feeling on the spine.
With a lingering fear and paranoia, I start to my dressing table to gaze upon my flesh; I looked refreshed, almost like I was reborn. As I gazed and pondered further what could have happened, my beloved flew through the tattered doorway.
She smothered me with what felt like thousands of kisses and a hundred hugs as she looked into my eyes wearily. Dazed by the affection of my beloved, I almost missed the commotion with her eyes and later in my room.
"Dearest Carmilla, what has become of you all this time? We have been in agonies of anxiety about you," Laura exclaimed. " where have you been? How did you come back."
"last night is a wonder for my mind," I said, exacerbated.
I pronounced my story to Laura, she the bell, and as doing so, the hospitable family all I've known for the past couple of weeks intently listened to my tale.
My tale of how I have somehow whisked away from my locked room and secured windows and made my way abroad the castle back to the space left curiosity upon those who have listened to my account.
The father of Laura paced up and down the room, triggering something within me. Did he know? Does he know my secret? Will he be able to figure out what happened last night?
I fixate on his nature, letting the dark recesses of my mind bleed through my appearance. He will not know what became of me; I will be with beloved no matter the measures. From the moment I saw Laura in the bizarre dream at a young, I needed to have her; I always get my way, and I will have her.

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  1. Justice Monge

    Nice Shaneka!, it actually felt like I was reading a chapter from the novella. I like “Missing” as the title for this blog.

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