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Blog 3

One of my childhood tv shows titled My babysitter is vampire shows a very different depiction of the stereotypical features and ways of a traditional vampire. in this show the vampire was played by a woman. In the Vampire Lord Ruthven “some attributed it to the dead grey eye, which, fixing upon the object’s face, did not seem to penetrate, and at one glance to pierce through to the inward workings of the heart; but fell upon the cheek with a leaden ray that weighed upon the skin it could not pass.”he is  described as his face has a deadly hue and he has dead gray eyes The usual description of a vampire falls within does lines of having a deadly hue in other words pale colorless tone with lifeless eyes. The Tv show I previously mentioned differs in a handful of ways one of them being that it is a woman and also that she is of color. As times changed the way vampires are ported have changed some don’t have those pale and corpse like features and also don’t seem to be violently thirsty for blood as lord ruthven is characterized as ruining the young woman “virgins”. In the show Sarah (the vampire) is friendly and caring however she does feed on blood but from blood bank donations. in other words she avoids harming others to feed. overall the two characters I have mentioned are polar opposite’s and it proves that as times evolve the depiction of fictional characters change aswell.


  1. Laura Westengard

    Interesting comparison! Sarah’s “ethical” blood consumption reminds me of the “vegetarian” vampires in the Twilight series who only drink animal blood, not human.

  2. Erika Gissel Naranjo

    Hey Ryan,

    I used to love that show! Probably not as dark as the vampire stories we have been reading, but nonetheless still a good one. She is definitely different from Carmilla, I agree that Sarah was a ‘friendly’ vampire.

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