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Stefan Salvatore From the Vampire Diaries. Stefan Salvatore is the younger brother of Damon Salvatore. Unlike most vampires, Stefan chose to survive off animal blood mainly and he tried not to live a reckless life like his brother. Stefan Salvatore is noble, loyal, wealthy, compassionate, kind of a romantic, self-righteous and he can also be self-destructive. He finds himself constantly fighting for the romantic interest of Elana Gilbert with whom he is madly in love with. Stefan Salvatore also has an alter ego. This alter ego is known as “The Ripper”. When Stefan becomes the ripper, he’s reckless, dangerous and murderous, and he loses almost all his humanity. He would kill any and everything in his way without thinking twice once his alter ego takes over.   

Both lord Ruthven and Stefan go about their daily lives like they are normal human beings. They are both wealthy and people are strongly attracted to them without even knowing who they truly are. While Stefan might seem like he has his life together and like he’s not as reckless as other vampires, he has some things in common with Lord Ruthven when his alter ego “the ripper” takes over. They seduce women and brings them to their downfall; they are cold blooded killers, and they are both evil and they pose a threat to society. Lord Ruthven is self-absorbed, and I think that that’s one thing Stefan is not. Other than being a vampire, Stefan and Lord Ruthven mostly have things in common when Stefan becomes The Ripper.  


  1. amandahasandjekaj

    I also chose to write about Stefan! I enjoyed your writing and agree that Lord Ruthven and Stefan are more alike when Stefan becomes “The Ripper”. Do you like Stefan’s character more with his humanity on or off?

  2. Saffira Michael

    I actually do like Stefan’s character more with his Humanity off. It’s more interesting.

  3. Laura Westengard

    So many people chose to focus on The Vampire Diaries! I am very interested in the way the vampires in the series can turn their humanity on and off–this seems different from the way Ruthven is always evil underneath his smooth exterior.

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