Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Dolma Tsering

The vampire I chose is from the TV Series called The Originals. His name is Elijah Mikaelson and he has two siblings. They have the blood of the original vampires making them more powerful than other vampires. Elijah is a character who is attractive, overprotective, and unpredictable. He has a strong sense of loyalty and is kind, friendly, and intelligent. He is forgiving and has high morals but if someone breaks his trust, he can be manipulative and threatening towards that person(s). He is very hard to get emotionally, as he believes he will most likely never find love. In his thousands of years of being alive, he has only fallen in love twice. In the series, we can see him struggling to accept his feelings towards another character that he clearly has.
Elijah and Lord Ruthven are similar in as they are both very attractive people. We can tell Lord Ruthven is attractive based on this quote, “He was handsome, frank, and rich: for these reasons, upon his entering into the gay circles, many mothers surrounded him, striving which should describe with least truth their languishing or romping favourites: the daughters at the same time, by their brightening countenances when he approached, and by their sparkling eyes, when he opened his lips, soon led him into false notions of his talents and his merit.” He was enchanting all the people at the gathering with his attractiveness. One clear difference between Lord Ruthven and Elijah is that Lord Ruthven had attacked Aubrey’s sister and used his powers of manipulation on Aubrey. As it states towards the end of the text, “Lord Ruthven whispered in his ear—”Remember your oath, and know, if not my bride to day, your sister is dishonoured. Women are frail!” … when they arrived, it was too late. Lord Ruthven had disappeared, and Aubrey’s sister had glutted the thirst of a VAMPYRE!” Elijah would not have attacked someone he traveled with in my opinion. Although I think he wouldn’t have traveled with humans he didn’t know personally as he is always with his family. He is kind and only dangerous when his trust is broken.


  1. adelisaredzematovic

    I think your post was very interesting to read. It is very detailed, which I like because although I have never watched The Originals I feel like I had a good sense of what kind of character Elijah played. You were specific in that you described the good side and the bad side of the character.

  2. Laura Westengard

    I haven’t seen The Originals, but I have heard a lot about it! Your comparison was strong, and your choice of quotations did a good job of supporting your analysis.

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