Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Blog 3( Helen Lopez)

A vampire that I seen in television Is from the Vampire Diaries, her name is Elena Gilbert, Elena was a normal teenage girl who her parents passed away in an accident and she stayed in charge of her younger brother. Elena fell in love with a Vampire who was very old about 160 or more years his name is Stefan Salvator. Elena was a normal human being until one time a vampire bit her and fed from her causing her death. In order for Elena to not die she had to drink vampire blood, Elena never wanted to become a vampire but In order for her to live she had to take the cure and drink vampire blood to be alive, she later turned into a vampire. She was able to continue her life an almost fully normal life without letting people notice and trying to control herself from feeding herself human blood although through out the seasons it gets complicated when people start to find out she’s a vampire and she is a doppelgänger. In “the Vampyre” it states “attaching as the life that once dwelt there:—upon her neck and breast was blood, and upon her throat were the marks of teeth having opened the vein:—to this the men pointed, crying, simultaneously struck with horror, “A Vampyre! a Vampyre!” A litter was quickly formed, and Aubrey was laid by the side of her who had lately been to him the object of so many bright and fairy visions, now fallen with the flower of life that had died within her.” In the Vampire Diaries Elena didn’t die instant and she had the possibly of living not like when Lord Ruthven Bit one of his victim he couldn’t help her and she died instantly he couldn’t give her blood to help her become alive again and he was evil leaving Aurbrey without his love Ianthe , there was no cure as seen in the Vampire Diaries and they couldn’t help her, like they helped Elena . We can also see how in the tale they were not afraid and trusted Lord Ruthven even though they did not know truly his colors and who he really was also in theThe Vampire Diaries they kind of normalize It and Elena and people surrounded the vampires would take it normal as if it was nothing, even their Human being friends who were not vampires were not afraid they saw it as something that can be controlled and they really did not put mind to them they trusted them even before when they did not know they were vampires.


  1. Cindy R

    Helen, nice analysis on both The vampire Diaries and The Vampyre. The show and the tale do share some common traits with the characters.

  2. Laura Westengard

    Many people have posted about Vampire Diaries characters, so they must have a lot in common with The Vampyre. I haven’t watched the show, but I guess I should!

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