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Damon Salvatore from “Vampire Diaries” is a supernatural drama series, that began in 2009. This series is amazing at capturing the stories of vampires. In this series, Damon plays the character of a vampire who plays multiple personalities. They showcase the idea of something called the “humanity switch”, where vampires have the ability to turn their vampire tendencies off and on. When they turn this switch off they tend to become more humane, and have human qualities. They won’t kill at this time and be more gentle. Damons personality is evil, however when Elena the woman he adores comes into play he becomes kind. Lord Ruthven in The Vampyre, plays a vampire. This vampire is extremely vicious and dangerous.Both Lord Ruthven and Damon are similar because both are vampires who kill people. One difference between the two vampires is that Ruthven would use weapons in his defense. According to the text “he never went to sleep without a pair of pistols and a dagger by his side”. On the other hand, Damon would only use his powers to defend himself, and avoid weapons. Another difference between the two vampires, is that Damon is constantly trying to save his friends and family, but Lord Ruthven kills his wife. This shows the difference in what the vampires are willing to do.


  1. amandahasandjekaj

    Great writing! I also wrote about one of the Salvatore brothers. I agree with the difference between Damon and Lord Ruthven about who they are willing to kill, and Damon would never hurt his loved ones.

  2. Savara Khan

    Hi, I also talked about the same tv show. I compared Damon Salvatore to Lord Ruthven because in my opinion they both shared similar characteristics.

  3. Balia Michelle Melendez

    Hey!! Great work on your writing. I like how you compared both characters even though I have never watched “Vampire Diaries.” You gave me an idea of Damon’s personality in the tv show.

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