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one vampire character from a text written after the year 2000 I want to compare to lord Ruthven will be Alucard from Hellsing. If you never watch the Hellsing here is a description of Alucard, he is a tall, pale-skinned man with red pupils, wearing a red outfit that includes a suit, a coat, a fedora, and sometimes wear red sunglasses. As the main protagonist of Hellsing, Alucard served the Hellsing Organisation as their living weapon against the supernatural. One thing that makes both vampires different is the way they act in their story, in the story of the vypirme it is shown that lord Ruthven is a person whose personality can be explained as cold, apathetic, and manipulate personality shown in the text “His lordship seemed quite changed; he no longer appeared that apathetic being who had so astonished Aubrey; but as soon as his convalescence began to be rapid, he again gradually retired into the same state of mind, and Aubrey perceived no difference from the former man, except that at times he was surprised to meet his gaze fixed intently upon him, with a smile of malicious exultation playing upon his lips: he knew not why, but this smile haunted him.” through the story shown that lord Ruthven is someone who couldn’t be trusted and does not care for anyone but himself, while Alucard acts as a maniac and bloodthirsty monster, who enjoys murdering his enemy for most of the show but shown to have to care for the people he respects. Another way is both characters are different from each other is their vampire ability, in the story, the only thing we know about his vampire ability of lord Ruthven is his superhuman strength, and ability to drink the blood of his victim as shown in this passage “he felt himself grappled by one whose strength seemed superhuman: determined to sell his life as dearly as he could, he struggled; but it was in vain: he was lifted from his feet and hurled with enormous force against the ground:—his enemy threw himself upon him, and kneeling upon his breast, had placed his hands upon his throat…There was no colour upon her cheek, not even upon her lip; yet there was a stillness about her face that seemed almost as attaching as the life that once dwelt there:—upon her neck and breast was blood, and upon her throat were the marks of teeth having opened the vein:” This shows the ability of lord Ruthven his superhuman strength and proof of blood-sucking ability, while Alucard not only has the same ability(you can say it an improvement to lord Ruthven ability) but also has more abilities, like the ability to Shapeshift, Enhanced Durability and Endurance, and more. Alucard’s blood-sucking ability is different from lord Ruthven not only does he drink the blood of his victim but absorbs the victim’s blood making him more powerful. one thing they have similar is their inability to die this is shown when lord  “Aubrey became almost distracted. If before his mind had been absorbed by one subject, how much more completely was it engrossed, now that the certainty of the monster’s living again pressed upon his thoughts” this show that Aubrey realized that the monster in question lord Ruthven is back after he thought lord Ruthven succumbs to his wounds and in the show, Alucard is shown to not be able to die by normal mean like lord Ruthven. it is nice to know how each author interprets the vampire mythos in their story.


  1. Cory McCarthy

    I’ve always thought of Alucard as the pinnacle representation of a vampire vigilante and he’s inspired by so much of what I believe defines a vampire! There are so many differences between the motives between him and Lord Ruthven but they both really encompass what a vampire is so well. I also used an anime as a reference point since there are so many renditions of vampires in anime, mine was more recent but it’s great to see a classic like Hellsing being referenced.

  2. Laura Westengard

    Steven, I haven’t seen Helsing, but now I’m very interested! Your comparison of Alucard and Ruthven was convincing, and you did a nice job of include direct quotations to support your claims.

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