Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Lashaunte Browne

When haggarity writes “normative configurations of human interaction” it means the norm of how a certain group of people in society should act according to the values and set rules of how they should act according to social structure.

Haggerty claims that Walpole” Combines the sexual anxiety of a victimized female the incestuous just desire of a libidinous Mayo the use of the actual physical features of the castle to represent political and sexual entrapment and an atmosphere deftly rendered to produce terror and gloom”. One way that that was embodied was when Isabella was hiding from Man Fred because he had attempted to sexually assault her and wed her and she was hiding in the basement of his house. The physical features that can represent the political insuff entrapment was that the basement is the lowest part of the house meaning that women were always looked at as people that were less than. It was also said that nobody would be able to hear her scream from all the way in the basement. I connected that with the fact that society would never deem women to be worthy enough to be listened to but just look at as a means to reproduce. 

One example of fiction or media that create effects listed as “hallmark of gothic fiction” is my favorite movie which is Coraline. Coraline lives in a castle like house that has secrets that shows evidence of another world where quite anything is possible. In this other world, ghost children who were eaten by her “other mother” appear, she gets trapped and has to make a grand escape slipping through the cracks of reality trying to return back to her normal life.


  1. Savara Khan

    Hi Lashaunte, my favorite movie is also Coraline. You are so right Coraline is also a movie which is fiction that creates an effect like “hallmark of gothic fiction”.

  2. steven lantigua

    I’d enjoy reading your blog. I never watched the movie Coraline because I didn’t think it was worth the time, but now that you explain, maybe I’ll give it a watch.

  3. Laura Westengard

    Hi Lashaunte, your analysis of the basement representing “the fact that society would never deem women to be worthy enough to be listened to but just look at as a means to reproduce” is really strong! Nice post!

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