Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022


In my opinion Haggerty writes “normative … configurations of human interaction” to describe the implied social norms that set expectation or interactions among humans. That being said those social expectations differ between cultural communities. In this case to tie it back to “The Castle of Otranto” when the princess runs away out of fear after there was a rape attempt on her by the man who she was arranged to marry. Haggerty claims that Walpole “combines the sexual anxiety of a victimized female, the incestuous desire of a libidinous male” these interpretations can be seen through the architectural attributes of the castle. One example, of sexual anxiety of a victimized female and the representation of political and sexual entrapment can be seen through the castles dungeons and cells that submit “inferiors” or “criminals to torture and bondage. in addition another foreshadow of Walpole`s claims is the underground passage way from which the princess and  Marquis of Vincenza escaped with the help of Theodore. Political entrapment is mostly symbolized by the glamour and luxury that comes with living in a castle from the physical size of the castle to internal and external details of it. One example of contemporary literature is the The Raven by Edgar Allan poe.


  1. Shaunte

    i agree with your definition of the normative configurations. things that are considered “normal” really depends on your cultural background or societal norms of that culutral background.

  2. Savara Khan

    Hi Ryan, I loved how you explained “normative … configurations of human interaction”. You explained it perfectly!

  3. Laura Westengard

    Yes, “The Raven” is definitely Gothic, but it isn’t contemporary. What have you watched or read that has been published in the last 20 years that seems Gothic?

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