Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Steven Lantigua

My name is Steven Lantigua and I am majoring in computer science. This is my second year of going to city tech and it’s going well so far. This year I want to improve as a student and for that, I have decided to have two academic goals this year, my academic goals are to Manage my time better because I do thing last minute and to have a GPA higher than 3.0 because to know I gave it my all. Last year I had a rocky start but did better at the end. I improve during the first year but I know I have a long way to go with my student career. A personal interest I like to do when I have spare time is to collect, build, and then paint miniatures. Another personal interest interest I like to do when I have spare time is to play video games with my friends. after college, I planning to work in the gaming industry because it was always my dream to make a game of my own, I want to work with a small team to make a game but I do prefer the small team to be close friends or people I know. What Gothic means to me it is a genre to do with horror and the dark side of humanity. I don’t read to much gothic literature but I do like a gloom atmosphere in story. The picture below represents the future career I want for myself and as you can see I am very passionate of what I want to do for a living.


  1. Savara Khan

    Hi Steven, I also do things last minute, and this semester I also told myself that I would try to be more productive and manage my time better. This is my first semester in computer science. Any advice for a beginner?

  2. Laura Westengard

    Hi Steven! It is so important to manage your time when taking a fully online course like this one. I’m sure you can do it! Do you ever play video games with gloomy atmospheres or other Gothic characteristics?

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