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Sam Fletcher – Blog 1

Hi, my name is Sam Fletcher, and I go by (them/they)! I’m currently a junior at City Tech taking Liberal Arts, and I’m aiming for an associate’s degree by next semester. I was on my way to transferring into nursing, but I’m stuck between two choices, I keep going towards the Medical Field or proceed to pursue becoming a professional concept character artist/character designer. This has always been an eternal struggle of mine. I took this course as it stood out to me the most, and I’ve always had a peak interest in learning about Gothic culture and many of its aspects such as architecture, fashion, etc. As for hobbies and personal interests, I’m a freelance digital artist who loves to create character designs, draw comics, and make character illustrations. I often tend to create characters and write stories alongside them, as it brings them to life. Writing world-building and the dynamics between each character and the responses to different environments is such an art and it’s so intriguing when done right. I’m slowly learning to improve my own writing as well, so expanding my own library to different kinds of literature is definitely a route to take. As for my other hobbies I also like to watch anime, play JP mobile games, and sing. The term “Gothic” reminds me of many things such as gothic fashion and its whole list of sub-genre style categories, gothic architecture, and gothic literature. All of these things radiate romantic but elusively dark energy, where it’s dark and somewhat victorian in a way but sparkling. Vampires definitely come to mind, possibly because the typical clothes that are associated with vampires are gothic clothing, black but sleek, and elite with a hint of romance with lace and fitted corsets.

I picked this picture he’s just a cat with his tongue out, he’s living his life and I resonate with that.
I chose a second one as I couldn’t decide, this image I also feel represents me because I think I just look like this but also the warm colors and basking sun with fresh greens of the grass and trees give me ease and happiness from just looking at it. I also really feel like I associate with earthy, natural tones of color like greens and browns.


  1. Tatiana Mejia

    hey sam! I agree with you about gothic radiating romantic and dark energy all in one. Love the sheep picture you can tell it was a beautful day.

  2. Laura Westengard

    Nice to meet you Sam! I am very entertained by your photos and captions. They gave me a sense of your personality for sure! I look forward to hearing more about your characters and stories this semester–are they ever Gothic?

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