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Darlyn Trinidad

September 1, 2022/ Darlyn Trinidad

Hello everyone as I stated above my name is Darlyn Trinidad and I’m currently a junior at city tech. My academic goals include multiple steps. First I want to accomplish getting my associates degree in liberal arts and arts which as of right now I am very close to do so and second I would most likely proceed to get my bachelor’s degree in either business administration and management or criminal justice. The unfortunate part is that most likely in order for me to get my bachelor’s degree I would likely have to transfer to another school after getting my associates degree. When I’m not in school or at work I’m typically playing basketball or doing some kind of activity that involve me doing something with my friends. My personal interest are shopping, fashion, music, and traveling. Traveling is something that I’m really interested in but I haven’t really had the chance to do so because of lack of time and circumstance but I plan on changing this by planning more trips with friends every year. I really hope I actually keep up with my word and get to travel more often because I know I would take a great advantage of it. it would enhance my knowledge of other places as well as the music and fashion that plays a big role in those places. Gothic is word that I have heard before but I don’t really have a good understanding of what it really means but if I had to guess what it means I would say that it means the language that the ancestors that came before us used.

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  1. Laura Westengard

    Hi Darlyn, nice to meet you! I hope you get a chance to travel this year as well! It is interesting to hear that you associate the Gothic with old language. How old do you mean? You’ll see that the 18th century Gothic texts we are reading definitely use old fashioned language. There are many other characteristics of Gothic literature that we will learn this semester!

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