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Hello Professor and classmates, my name is Adelisa Redzematovic. My pronouns are she/her. I am a sophomore at city tech. My academic goals are to achieve a bachleors in science and go on to become a nurse. I have dreamed about becoming a nurse one day, so taking this class makes me one step closer to it. I am taking this class as an elective, but when picking an English class this one stood out and seemed to be the most interesting, so here we are. As a hobby, I like to shop. I also like to go to the city with friends, and have a good time. The beach is my happy place, I find it so peaceful, and whenever I go its either with friends or family, so I am always in good company. Something interesting about me is that I do enjoy school, but only when I understand the material, then I don't mind the work. When I think of gothic I relate it to dark, and mystery. However I don't think that is the only association that can be made with gothic. I do believe that there is a deeper meaning to the term. I do think to understand the term we need to define it from different perspectives because we are wired to understand it in our own way. I hope to have an amazing semester with you all, and nice to asynchronously meet you all!!!

Me (left), bestieeee (right)


  1. Darlyn T

    hey tatiana,
    from your summary you seem like an interesting person that follows their dreams which in your case is becoming a nurse. I hope you can I accomplish this goal and become a future nurse,

  2. amandahasandjekaj

    Hello Adelisa! Nice to meet you. I enjoyed reading your blog. You seem to remind me of myself. We both like the same things and are also majoring in nursing! Maybe one day we will have a class together in person and will be able to meet on campus. I wish you all the best of luck in your future! Never give up, no matter how hard the obstacles may get for Nursing.

  3. Savara Khan

    Hi Adelisa, I loved when you said that you enjoy school, but only when you understand the material. That’s so me and I feel the same way. Really loved reading your post!

  4. Jyzbeth

    Hey Adelisa! It’s nice to virtually meet you. I also love going to the city with my friends whenever I have free time. I totally understand the whole “only liking school when I understand the work” thing because I am the same way. Good luck with everything on your path to becoming a nurse!

  5. Laura Westengard

    Hi Adelisa! So good to meet you! I’m also interested in your statement that you like school when you understand the work. What helps you understand the work? Is it the material you are learning that can be challenging, or is it more about the expectations of a class and how they are communicated? I’m also wondering how you are feeling about The Castle of Otranto. Sometimes 18th century Gothic novels can be confusing!

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