Each week on Friday, I will post the tasks and assignments to be completed the following week. You should plan your week so that you complete all of the listed tasks first and then the accountability assignment and blog post + comment. Pay careful attention to the deadlines since you will not get credit if you submit late. Email me if you have any questions or if you are struggling to complete your tasks and assignments on time.

  • Tasks (Due: Friday, 9/2 at 11:59 pm)
  • Accountability Assignment (Due: Friday, 9/2 at 11:59 pm)
    • Email me from your City Tech email account and ask me at least one specific question about the syllabus (lwestengard@citytech.cuny.edu)
  • Critical Response Blog 1 (initial post due Thursday 9/1 by 11:59 pm, comment due Friday 9/2 by 11:59 pm)