Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Shaneka English


My name is Shaneka English, and I am 19 years old. Some of my academic goals are to get my bachelor's, earn a certificate in data analysis, and then earn as many certifications as possible. My current major is health science, and I am trying to change majors to continue in a four-year program. Some hobbies are watching anime, reading, learning how to edit, shopping, pleading for world domination, and learning new facts about things. The word gothic means to me something or someone dark and mysterious but is misunderstood to be violent and aggressive. Also, I view gothic as an aesthetic, with very dark clothing, grungy, dark makeup with very intricate piercings.

Let’s be pals 😉


  1. Justice Monge

    Hey Shaneka, it’s pretty great you wanna earn as many certifications as possible. I like that dedication. I also enjoy watching anime as well and hope more people get into it. World dominance can always be a goal to achieve : ) Let’s get along and aid each other for a great semester! One last thing, nice picture lol.

    • Helen Lopez

      Hey Shaneka, I love your name its so pretty I am also 19. That is really nice that you want to earn lots of certificates it will look good on you it shows how dedicate you are and that you want to learn new things. I also enjoying shopping its one of my favorite things to do too. I agree with you for the word ” Gothic” also for me means something dark and mysterious.

  2. Erika Gissel Naranjo

    Hi Shaneka,
    My name is Erika it’s great to e-meet you. I enjoyed reading you are striving to earn certifications, this is something I also want to do but have no idea where to begin. I also enjoy shopping, maybe a little too much!
    I hope this semester treats us all well.

  3. Laura Westengard

    Hi Shaneka! So good to meet you! What four year program are you hoping to go into? Also, I didn’t realize that people thought of “gothic” as violent and aggressive! I’d like to hear more about that perception sometime.

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