Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Blog 1- Cindy


Hello, my name is Cindy, I am currently a Radiology major. I see myself in the medical field because I plan to continue my education in the health field and explore more not just for myself but to impact others. Some of my hobbies are kick boxing, reading books, discovering new places whether it’s a park, a restaurant, or a beach etc. Also, I am open to new ideas to add to my list of hobbies. I am very enthusiastic of technology a lot. When I hear the word “gothic” I can picture in my head dark ages vibes, horror, storytelling, medieval time, abnormal fashion/style, taboos, dark magic such witches, vampire, werewolf, prophecy, and Europe. Society shapes us to perceive things in a certain aspect whether if its good or bad. I think we tend to judge certain ideology because we were thought what normalcy and taboos is; but enjoyment comes from learning both. I enjoy reading all kinds of literature and I am very excited to be part of English 3407.

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  1. Rebecca Joseph

    Hi Cindy!
    I totally agree with you on how society can shape us to perceive certain things as good or bad. Growing up anything associated with goth was seen as weird or a phase. But reading these blog posts and going a bit of google research shows that it is a multifaceted genre that we encounter with more than we know!

  2. hamdan

    Hey Cindy!
    My brother does Kick Boxing too and it seems so fun! i am planning to start taking classes for it and learn.

    • Cindy R

      Hi Hamdan,
      It is very fun! I think you will enjoy it as well, just take a lot of water with you because it’s a whole body work out. I strongly recommend that you do some pre- workout before you start because you do not want to pull a muscle. Good luck and hope you enjoy it!

  3. Laura Westengard

    Hi Cindy. Good to meet you! I think your openminded approach to taboos and cultural norms will serve you well in this class. I’m looking forward to hearing your perspective on the texts we read and watch this semester.

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