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1. Identify and briefly describe the text you will be writing on for Essay 3

My text For essay 3 is called Monster by Naoki Urasawa. Monster is a manga and anime. The story/anime is set when the Berlin wall fell in Germany. This was the time when Hitler was conducting experiments on children. The experiment was to create madness in children to make them serial killers. One of the children escape and tell the traumatic experience to her younger brother. The younger brother who is named Johan mentally absorb the story as his own and becomes a serial killer at a very young age. Since this the intended result of the experiment, Johan’s existences was erased. All traces of his existences was destroyed by the people behind the experiment.

2. Indicate the Gothic metaphor you will be writing about in that text


3. Explain the social issue you think might be represented by this Gothic metaphor

Advertisement affects us all, without us even realizing it. It doesn’t have to be direct, it can be unconscious.

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  1. This sounds great, Karandeep!

  2. Thanks im almost done, i want to show it to you on Monday 😀

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