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I do believe that Dean plays a huge role in this book even though in some parts he is not with Sal. Dean is the center of this novel because he introduced the world of travel to Sal.  If Sal would have never heard of dean or go to visit dean in Denver he would haved experienced that lif on the road. Even though Sal does mention that he had thought about traveling, I believe that if not for Deans experiences and stories Sal would have not recieved that push that he needed to actually go across the country.  Sal admires Dean because Dean lived the life that he really wanted while he was living the married life.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I completely agreed with you regarding Dean introducing “the world of travel” to Sal. He hasn’t and never experienced that sort of lifestyle rather out of the normality in a sense. Ever since meeting upon Dean, he finally has the chance to travel across the country. Wherever Dean goes to, he follows.

  2. Rocio says:

    I agree with you Janessa. I think if it wasn’t for Dean’s adventures life Sal wouldn’t have moved at all… but like you said Sal was thinking of traveling, but I believe he (Sal) wasn’t going to move because he needed a sign to have a an adventure/journey and Dean was that sign.

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