Betsy Question 1

I do believe that Dean is the center of this novel.  From the very beginning Sal introduces Dean as if he is a major person or has a major impact in his life.  He did not start describing himself or the surroundings or even his sickness that he just pushed aside.  Sal was already infatuated with Dean when his friend Chad showed him letters that Dean had sent him.  He had not meet Dean yet and he was already talking to other people about him. And also seems to know what where his next moves were; almost as if he lived with him.

Dean life style is a carefree life style, even with a low paying job.  He is the complete opposite of what Sal is.  It seems with this Sal comes to admire him more than most.  With Dean’s adventures Sal may be able to write books like he wanted to.

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  1. Lynn says:

    I too agree that Sal is the complete opposite of Dean, and that is the reason he likes having him around. I also agree that he makes a muse out of Dean.

  2. I agree with you completely I was saying the same thing.

  3. savitri says:

    I agree Sal is excited with the lifestyle that Dean is living and admires his carefree ways.

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