The Beauty of The Bryant Park Ice Skating Ring

The Beauty of the Bryant Park Ice Skating Ring

Ext. New York City-Day-Long Shot-Bryant Park
Stage Direction
It’s an early afternoon in the city of New York at Bryant Park. You will see many tourist and locals using the picnic tables and waiting on line. The camera is taking a PANORAMA of the outside of the park and entrance of the skating ring.
Int. Ice Skates Rental- Day-Medium Shot-Bryant Park
What a wonderful day to ice skate at Bryant Park. There are many people waiting on line to rent their skates, and get into the ice ring to have a good time.
Int. Ice Skates Rental Line-Day- Close Up-Clarissa, Raul, and Richard
Raul are you excited to go ice skating with you little brother and big sister?
(Very happy)
I can’t wait!
How about you Clarissa?
Yes I get to spend time with my little brothers and the best part is that it is free.
How come it’s free and my friend told me I have to pay 14 dollars?
Oh Richard, you’re just paying 14 dollars to rent your skates but to skate on the actual ice ring there is no admission fee.
Ext. Ice Skating Ring-Day- Long Shot- Bryant Park
Stage Direction
Families, friends, and young adults are having fun ice-skating. The camera is taking a PANORAMA of many people ice-skating.
Ext. Outside of Skating Ring-Benches-Day-Close Up-Narrator
Bryant Park is not only for Ice-skating but the park is full of vendors that sale 5 million to 6 million dollars in retail and food and beverage daily.
All of these wonderful vendors and amazing ice skating ring make Bryant Park a very special attraction in New York City, attracting millions of tourist, residents and local commuters (Lee 2).
Alright so I’m going to grab a delicious cup of coffee in Starbucks but before I go, if you’re looking to have fun in New York City during the winter, you have to come to Bryant Park because remember among the handful of ice rings in New York City this is the only one with no admission Charge, plus you’re going to have a blast (Williams 1)!

The End

Big sister Clarissa –Clarissa De La Rosa
Litter bother Raul # 1- Raul Stanley De La Rosa
Little brother #2 – Elvis Raul De La Rosa
Richard – Richard Buren
Narrator- Richard Buren
Film- Oscar Garcia
Script Writer – Clarissa De La Rosa
Scheduling and Ideas- Diana Kilby

Lee Jennifer. November 19, 2007. Holiday Business in Bryant Park, Once Cold as Ice, Heats up. New York Times.
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Williams Timothy. October 6, 2005. Bryant Park Forecast: Ice in October. New York Times.
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