Ojani Tejeda

Professor Westengard

English 1101 D355

March 7th, 2017


Hard Sell Poem

Jim Beam whiskey, best to drink when you’re chilling,

Jim Beam whiskey, best to drink away from your children.

The taste is so strong it, it’ll leave your stomach hurting,

And when you’re drinking your bourbon, you don’t want any disturbance.

Away from your woman and away from your family,

Call the homies up to get a drink and come hang with me.

Throw on a basketball game because what else would we watch,

4th quarter, 1 minute left and LeBron caught a block.

Get three cups of ice and let’s fill them all up,

Ain’t no women around to ask what’s that drink in my cup.

Just me and my 3 bros we enjoying the game,

To not have women around, it could be a shame,

But it’s usually because all they do is complain.

Buttery popcorn with the pretzels in the cut,

None of them have tried some because they’re stuck on their cups.

Jim Beam whiskey might just catch you when you least expect it,

If your girl walks in the room, tell her please respect it.