Isaiah Lacen
Eng. 1101

“I just killed Gucci”
Hmm, let’s see. How can we make this stick
we can’t be too obvious with stereotypes or
else we’ll get caught up in politics the Dogma sticks
you know the one where we tell them how to be
without actual working knowledge of their physiology
dichotomy, juxtaposing things that don’t click like oil and
water, two things that don’t mix let’s pretend that we care
or even know what’s going on. We’ll draw them in with
diversity it’s all a part of our con. We’ll chant “black power”
and tell them black lives matter and when the going gets tough
Just turn our backs in the latter. Let’s stop the chatter
And get to work, these clothes aren’t going to sell themselves
“I’m actually trying to make a difference” is the mantra they’ll tell themselves
or get the women of color + natural hair to pose for pics
it’s Pandora’s box with golden locks but just please don’t open it
“From ghetto to Gucci” was the headline on all the papers
but when you speak upon these lines then you’re a hater
But I can tell when it’s real
cause I’m hip to the deal
I know their hatred is sealed
But my 3rd Eye steady peeled
so just chill Gucci
keep it real Gucci
I don’t “feel Gucci”
I just killed Gucci