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Sinetie croal

Eww she has an iphone 4s hasn’t she heard of the word upgrade or maybe she doesnt have a job to afford a new one her peers around her all have expensive phones I wonder why she doesn’t, she also has a funny accent I would say she is caribbean maybe Dominican or guyanese because she has that pretty Indian/ black kind of hair oh wait the gold bangles on her wrist and gold rings on her fingers screams Indian I do love her skin so smooth and she is pimple free I see why she doesn’t have alot of makeup on. I should go over there and give her some dressing advice cause those black sneakers not working they not even Jordan or Nike I’ll give her points cause I love her blue Calvin Klein sweater and jeans. I somehow wish I was this girl who is so confident and brave she doesn’t look like she cares about what people say or think about her.

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  1. Laura Westengard

    Nice description and analysis!

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