Congratulations to all of you for completing the final CATW! You should receive your results in about a week.

Remember, you still have to come to class. Our final class meeting is on Monday, December 22nd.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Prof. Westengard


If you are eligible to take the final CATW, you should register now! Check your City Tech email account for an email from the Testing Office. Click on the link to register online. You may register for December 8th or 9th at 11:15, 1:30, 3:45, or 6:00.

Once you have registered, print out your ticket and bring it with you to the Testing Office (G 206) on your test date. You should also bring a photo ID, black pens, and a paper dictionary. Arrive 20 minutes early!!

If you have any questions or difficulty registering, please email me right away (

Also, remember to keep coming to class for the rest of the semester.

Prof. Westengard


Next week, (12/1 and 12/3) we will have conferences instead of class. You are required to attend a 10 minute conference with me at the time, date, and  place noted on the sign up sheet. If you forgot what time your appointment is, here are the sign up sheets:

Conference Appointments Eng 092W-D275

Conference Appointments Eng 092W-D288

When you come to your conference, you must bring:

  1. Your signed tutoring sheet
  2. Packet #3 (see list below)

Packet #3

CATskills pages 41-42

CATskills pages 49-50

CATskills pages 51-55

“But Will It Make You Happy?” (annotated passage AND outline)

“Keep Telling Yourself” (annotated passage)

Time Budgeting Chart

“The Woman Who Died in the Waiting Room (annotated passage AND outline)

“Do the Brain Benefits of Exercise Last?” (annotated passage AND outline)



For Wednesday (11/26):

  • Complete pages 41-42 in CATskills
  • Bring all of your homework, classwork, annotated passages, and outlines to class for Packet #3

Prof. Westengard

Practice Exam: Thursday (11/20)!!!

Remember, you are required to take one or both Departmental Practice Exams.

  • Thursday, November 20th
  • 12:45-2:00 p.m.
  • Namm 1002

For Monday (11/24), you have NO Homework.

Gila is offering tutoring workshops over the next few weeks. Remember to drop by to learn things (and to complete your required 10 sessions).

  • Wednesday 11/19: Apostrophes
  • Thursday 11/20: Sentence Structure
  • Friday 11/21: Tense Consistency
  • Tuesday 11/25: Sentence Structure
  • Wednesday 11/26: Subject Verb Agreement
  • Tuesday 12/2: Subject Verb Agreement
  • Wednesday 12/3: Sentence Structure
  • Thursday 12/4: Tense Consistency
  • Friday 12/5: Apostrophes

Practice Exam This Week!!!

Remember, you are required to take one or both Departmental Practice Exams.

  • Thursday, November 20th
  • 12:45-2:00 p.m.
  • Namm 1002

For Wednesday (11/19):

  • Read and annotate “Take Note of Simple Tactic to Beat Test Stress” by Tara Malone (Do NOT create an outline or write an essay. Just read it and annotate it.)
  • Bring it with you to class on Wednesday

Prof. Westengard


Field Test Information: Thursday, November 13th from 12:45-2:00 in G 206 (Testing Center)

The Field Test is NOT required, but I recommend doing it for the practice.

NO homework for Monday (11/17)!


I encourage you all to participate in the CATW Field Test this week. You will not receive a score on your essay, but it gives you a change to practice taking the CATW in the official testing environment.

It is on Thursday, November 13th from 12:45-2:00 in G 206 (Testing Center).

Here are the group essays we completed in class today:

Group-Essay-Eng-92-D275 Complete (11:30-12:45)

Group-Essay-Eng-92-D288 Complete (1:00-2:15)

You have no homework for Wednesday, 11/12.

Prof. Westengard


You have no homework this weekend! Here are the outlines we worked on in class today. Each class developed different outlines, so be sure to look at the right one!

Eng 092W Group Outline (1:00-2:15)

Eng 092W Outline (11:30-12:45)

Prof. Westengard


For Wednesday (11/5):

Read CATskills, pages 57-60

Prof. Westengard


For Monday (11/3):

If you didn’t complete pages 49 and 50 of CATskills in class, you should complete them for homework. Otherwise, you have no homework!

Have a great weekend.

Prof. Westengard


For Monday (10/27):

  • Read/complete CATskills pages 51-55
  • Complete any missing items from Packet 2 (this is your last chance to turn it in!)

Also, your mid-semester grades will be posted on Blackboard by 10/23. You may look there to see your current status in the course. Possible grades are “P” for passing, “BL” for borderline (on the cusp of failing), or “U” for unsatisfactory. I will be giving you a detailed assessment of your status in class on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Prof. Westengard


For Wednesday (10/22):

  • Tutor sheets are due! Bring in your tutoring sheets with your first 5 sessions completed.
  • Bring “But Will it Make You Happy?” to class with you
  • Bring your completed outline

Prof. Westengard


For Monday (10/20):

Complete Packet #2 and bring it to class. Include the following items, clearly labeled and stapled or paper clipped in order:

  1. CATskills pages 17-23, 23-28, 33-38
  2. “Where Cows are Happy and Food is Healthy” annotated passage and outline
  3. Improvement Plan Paragraph
  4. Taylor Swift Introduction/Summary/Brainstorming

Also, remember that you have to visit the tutor at least 5 times by October 22nd!!!

Prof. Westengard


For Wednesday (10/15):

Read and annotate “But Will it Make You Happy?”

CATskills pages 33-38


For Wednesday (10/8):

Read/Complete pages 23-28 of CATskills

Also, remember to go visit the Developmental Writing tutor in the Atrium Learning Center! You are required to visit 5 times by October 22nd and 5 more times by the time you take the final CATW. You should document your visits using this tutoring sheet: ENG 092W Tutoring Sheet

Let me know if you have any questions.

Prof. Westengard


For class on Monday (10/6), you should complete any incomplete portions of Packet #1.

Also, keep thinking about the music video we watched in class. What is the main point of the video? Remember to consider both the lyrics and the visuals.

You do NOT have to complete any additional homework in CATskills.

Don’t forget to visit our tutor in the learning center!!!

Prof. Westengard


For Wednesday, 10/1:

Read/complete CATskills pages 17-23

See you then!

Prof. Westengard


Hi all,

There is no class on Wednesday, 9/24. Our next class meeting will be on Monday, 9/29.

For Monday (9/29):

  • Complete the outline we began in class today
  • Bring the completed outline and your annotated copy of  “Where Cows are Happy and Food is Healthy” with you to class

Have a nice break!

Prof. Westengard


Remember, Wednesday (9/17) is a conference day! Meet me at the time and place you signed up for in class. In case you forgot, here are the sign up sheets:

Eng 092W-D275 Conference Appointments

Eng 092W-D288 Conference Appointments

Be sure to arrive early and to bring the scored essay that I handed back to you today.

The next class meeting will be on Monday (9/22):

  • Read “Where Cows are Happy and Food is Healthy” using the reading strategy instructions from page 10 of CATskills.
  • Bring Packet #1 (CATskills, pages 1-7 and 9-12)
  • Read CATskills pages 13-15


For Monday (9/15):

  • Complete your letter to me (introduce yourself, tell me if you have taken this class before and if so how many times, tell me something interesting about yourself, and tell me something that you think I should know about you)
  • Read/complete CATskills, pages 9-12 (CATskills, 2nd ed, 9-12)

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!

Prof. Westengard


For Wednesday (9/10):

Read/complete CATskills pages 1-6 (posted here: CATskills, 2nd ed, 1-6 and under “Class Materials“)

Email me at if you have any questions.

Prof. Westengard