WEEK 1 – Intro

Here’s our page for week 1

SLIDE PRESENTATION FOR Week 1 – Course Intro – COMD 2451 Web Design I-jay

IN The comments please tell us:

  • your name
  • the three websites you use most often
  • a favorite example of excellent design on the web


Due: Wed. February 9 Please post your domain name and a link to the web space you set up at your hosting service as a comment on this post.  You do not need to have any content on your website yet. The page can be the standard placeholder or “under construction” page or a simple page based on ‘something.com’.

26 thoughts on “WEEK 1 – Intro”

  1. Daniel Greene
    My used websites Youtube Twitch and Twitter
    My favorite design on a web would have to be promotional game websites reason being very simple straight to the point and visually appealing

  2. – Angy Vasquez
    – Youtube, Pinterest, and Tumblr.
    – I don’t have a specific favorite, but I do enjoy interactive and minimalist websites. I also love websites that use neat and consistent typography.

  3. My name is Christopher Rodriguez, and the three websites I use the most are YouTube, Twitch, and Netflix. I enjoy watching short videos, such as podcasts or instructive films, on these platforms. Twitch is the second most popular website I use because it allows me to watch people play games live, which is quite exciting. Last but not least, Netflix, because I enjoy watching new series and movies (both new and old). NetFlix is my favorite example of outstanding web design since it is simple to use and attractive enough to attract new customers.

    Here are the links for the 3 websites

    Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/

    Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/

    Netflix – https://www.netflix.com

  4. -My name is Elvis Gordillo
    -The three websites I mostly use are Youtube.com, Twitch.com, and Netflix.com.
    -A favorite example of excellent design on the web is the Netflix layout. Their design is simple and straightforward to just watch movies or to browse any sort of genre you are looking for. The preview feature is pretty useful to get a glimpse of the show or movie you are viewing.

  5. ManJie Wu.
    The three sites I use the most are google, pinterest and firefox.
    And my favorite example of excellent design on the web is pinterest.

  6. My name is Katherine
    the three websites I used most often have to be the target website, youtube, and thredUp
    one of my favorite examples of excellent design on the web is probably the Fenty beauty website because it is simple and I like the details in the websites that are customized to make it in the shape of the makeup. I do like that is easy to navigate as well.

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