Journal #10

This week has been honestly one of the coolest weeks of the program. I was able to go to the filming of the Disney Holiday Celebration 2018 that will be airing on tv on christmas day. My roommate has signed up to go and it’s basically a group of mini concerts that are played in front of the castle in honor of christmas. The filming was broken up into a couple of different days, the first was the night shows which featured Meghan Trainor, Becky G, and a few other stars. The morning show, which is the one that I was able to go to featured Andrea Bocelli and his son which I was really looking forward to watching but because I had work, I missed such a magical moment. As sad as it was, it was such and incredible experience to be able to watch how technical the making everything is. When the cameras were rolling, we had to act the part and make sure our reactions were as real as the first take. They played the song a couple of times around and then they filmed about three rounds. It was so interesting to watch the cameras move around and all of the different points of views. My roommates even got free ears to match with the christmas theme.

This week I was also invited to a dinner at one of my coworkers house. He is an international cp from china and because he had moved work locations a couple of weeks before, he decided to invite everyone to dinner at his place. He made a whole bunch of Chinese cuisine which honestly tasted really good. My coworkers and I played a couple of games and just hung out and talked about work. After a long and exhausting week it was just nice to hang out and be normal for a bit. It feels like my life revolves around trying to keep up with assignments and catching up on sleep. Socializing is so important especially if we are almost more than half way through the program.




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