Read and React #3

The Hcareers’ article “Transitioning into a Leadership Role” talks about tactics for people who have been newly promoted. Being promoted is always a big deal and that is no exception from Disney. It takes many steps to get promoted but it is worth it.

On a regular work day the setup of workers is the sous chef, culinary assistants, Cook 1, Cook 2, and the students who are part of the culinary program. I put the CPs at the bottom because we are basically floaters who do not get a bid and work whatever schedule they need us on. When moving from Cook 2 to Cook 1 the interview process to move up is almost the same questions the students from the Culinary program are asked when we first apply for the program. The questions that are asked do not relate to your job and what you cook it relates to how much culinary knowledge you know. I find interesting because if you are just applying for a higher position at your current location why would you need to know how to make a crème anaglaze when you make cupcakes.

However when you want to move up to a culinary assistant, you have to present a recipe to the head chef, who will decide if you move up or not depending on what you come up with. However if you do move up you have first choice in your schedule and higher pay.

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