Weekly Reflective Journal #12

Being a vacation planner was very fun. It honestly was the best role a college program kid could ask for. It took a lot of training and practice to finally get the hang of it, but it was very rewarding at the end. For 4 months I helped families planned their vacations at Disney. I made magic for them from selling a 1-day ticket to giving her first visit buttons. I had a lot of people coming to my window not knowing anything about Disney World. They think Disney is just Magic Kingdom, and I am always excited to teach them about Disney because I was once that person who had no idea about Disney World. I came to Florida in January, never been here before, never visited Disney World or other Disney theme parks. It was a new experience for me, and a challenge to learn everything about the parks and resorts. Because if i was helping families plan their vacations I need to know what we are planning for. Now, if you ask me what attraction you should visit in every park I will name the favorites, I can name the latest additions, I can name all the Disney characters that do meet & greet in every park. It’s so fascinating to have learned all of this in 4 months.

Today was my last day as a vacation planner at Animal Kingdom. It was really sad saying goodbye to the friends I made at work, to the place I have been working for 4 months. But it’s time to go back home and finish school so I can come back to Disney to achieve something bigger.


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