Weekly Journal #15

This week has been such a bitter sweet one with everything that is going on. For most of the other cast members it is the last week of their program and there has also been a new round of people who are just entering into the program. I have been watching many close friend go home and other very happy to have finally gotten the their letter of being extended. This was also the first week of not having any Disney classes. I will miss meeting up with familiar faces every week but it did feel great to have a day to myself.


Although this had been a week of excitement there were some surprising unfortunate events that had happened this week as well. One of the cast members buses that transports you to Animal Kingdom had gotten into a major accident involving an SUV while cast members were in the bus. It was during the time the bus was bringing college members to the park and the other driver was coming down the wrong way of the road. The other car with I believe a family of four was completely totaled and on top of it all both the car and the bus started to catch on fire. Luckily all of the cast members on the bus had gotten out safely, about eleven of them were sent to the hospital for further evaluation. As for the family in the other car there was not much information told about what had happened to them. This did show me that even at Disney anything can happen at any given time. This was unfortunate circumstances for the cast members who were involved but from was was being told the bus driver was very calm and took care of everyone who needed the help.

Besides for this unfortunate event this week everyone who had taken Disney classes were able to pick up their final grades as well as their “Ducktorate” certificates that show you have passed and completed the class. I was able to receive two of these certificates because of the mandatory two classes that we had to take during our program. Even though this is not an actual degree it is a great memorabilia for the hard work that each of us has put into the classes. I am happy to have gotten the experience and to have had such an amazing teacher for both Advanced Hospitality and Human Resources.

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