Reflective Photo Journals #15

Yesterday May 14th 2016 was my last day of working as a Housekeeper, I want to say that until today I do not know how I did it because housekeeping is one of the hardest job you can imagine. Even though it was really hard, I think that being a housekeeper made me mentally stronger. Now I feel that I am able to do anything in life no matter how hard it is.

Two days before my last day at work my leader asked me if I wanted to do like presentation in the morning meeting that we have everyday. Or if i didn’t want to that just say something about my experience and what I learned at Art of Animation. I told her yes sure why not, so I prepared a powerpoint presentation saying the things I learned and all the experiences I’m taking with me. I did not know the impact I was creating until after I finished my presentation. Some people were even crying, I got really emotional too. After that, everybody came to me to hug me and wish me the best in my life. All the leaders were congratulating me and saying that I did such a great job. That morning was like a rewarding moment for me by seeing all those people appreciating everything I did and also recognizing my effort.


IMG_1870this was one of recognitions I got on my last day of work.

I think that I gave the best of me, and excel on my role, thanks to that I got really close to my leader. That much that she even took time out her busy schedule to teach and show me things that she didn’t have to but she did it anyways. Those things that she taught me will help grow personally and professionally for the rest of my life. Today I feel really proud of myself, I know this is just the beginning of many more goals to accomplish.



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