Weekly Reflective Journal #9


Disney has various events throughout the year. The most popular ones are Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party and Mickey’s Very merry Christmas party. There are thousands of guests who come from all over the world to just attend these events. And as a vacation planner, I need to know exactly what these events are about in order to sell these special events tickets. Vacation planners get to experience these types of events for free for product knowledge. Sadly in the spring program there are no Halloween or Christmas events, those are during the fall semester. However there is this new event called Disney After Hours, it is very similar to Extra Magic Hours also known as EMH. EMH is only for resort guests, it can be either in the morning before the park opens or after the park closes. Basically resort guests have access to the parks one hour before the park is open to the public, or one to two hours after the park closes to the public. In Animal Kingdom, there’s usually EMH once a week and it is in the morning, and in Magic Kingdom is at night.

So Disney After Hours is just like Extra Magic Hours but for non resort guests, and is only being held at Magic Kingdom.However is more expensive than a 1 day ticket to Magic Kingdom. The exact price is $159 and the event only last 3 hours. From 11 pm to 1 am. With a Disney After Hours ticket you are able to get in the park as early as 7 pm. From 11 pm to 1 am only Disney after hours guests will be at the park, cast member make sure that everyone who doesn’t have the cool pink lanyard is out of the park by 11 pm. Tickets to Disney after hours are very limited. This makes this event very worth it because the lines for the attractions at Magic Kingdom will be very short. For example for the Seven Dwarfs attraction is usually a 90 minute wait, while during Disney After Hours is only 10 minutes. There are 25 attractions open during this event, the mainly ones are Splash, Space and Big Thunder Mountain. Also the fairy tale hall is open, this is where you can meet Cinderella, Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa.

As a Vacation Planner I had the opportunity to experience this event in order to know more about it to strength our sales performance when selling this special event ticket. A group of vacation planners at my location also got the opportunity to go, and we had so much fun. I visited attractions I have never done before because of the long lines. So this event gave me the opportunity to know more about Magic Kingdom.

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