Weekly Reflective Journal #10

As a Vacation Planner, we often take training classes. I recently had the Selling Relationship Magic training. It is a 6-hours class that helps us strengths our sales skills. It is kind of a re training of the vacation planner core class. This class refreshed my memory of everything I learned in core class. We talked about The Driving Principles of Sales which are Think like a Guest, Earn the Right to Advance, and Persuade Through Involvement. These mean that we need to put on the guests’ shoes when selling, We don’t want to sell them what is more expensive but what is it the most convenient ticket for them. We need to make the guest trust us to find the best fit ticket for them, and persuade them that it’s the ticket package they need for their vacation.

Just as The Driving Principles, there is another Sales Process Strategy, which consists of five steps. Be ready is the first one, which means we always have to look presentable, smile at all times, have everything ready in the booths, and be visible to our guests in the booths. Then is receiving, this is about welcoming and greeting the guests and assure the guest that we will able to help them. Every vacation planner needs to have an assurance statement. Mine is “I will gladly to help you plan this vacation” Others have something like “I’m here to make your day magical”.

Understanding is the next step, during this part we will collect all data from the guests by asking discovery questions such as where are they from and how many days will the be staying in Orlando. This could help us find the best fit ticket for them. Helping is next, and during this step we can suggest the best fit ticket and handle any guests objections.

Keeping is the last step of the Selling Relationship Magic process, we thank the guest and build a bridge to the future meaning we let them know about our future events or about upgrading their tickets to add more days or for an annual pass. This last step is very important because we want to make sure our guests leave the window happy with their tickets and knowing exactly what they purchased

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