Reflective Photo Journal #12

today I am so excited  because after all these mounts my family is finally coming to visit me. We will be staying at Pop Century Resort, another reason why I am so excited besides being with my family is because for the first time I will be enjoying Walt Disney World as a guest. Being a cast member in this company has gave me the opportunity to see the high level of service that Disney World provides to their guests. My family and I will stay at Pop Century Resort for four days, I already made a vacation plan where dinner reservations are included and park fast passes. I am sure that even though I know almost everything behind the scene as a cast member, I know that I still will have an amazing and unforgettable experience on my oncoming vacations.

Another reason why I am really excited is because I made the decision of extending the program to stay in the program until August. I got accepted and I will be transfer to another location three weeks from now. The new location that I will be working is ESPN World of Sports. My role will be Custodial, People say that custodial is really hard but I personally think that there is nothing harder than housekeeping and I did it satisfactorily  . I am excited because I will be meeting new people and experiencing new things. I feel blessed for all the opportunities that I have been able to experience, and I looking forward to learn as much as possible in this new journey in my life.


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