Reflective Journal #7

This week could only be described only as a roller coaster. Working overnight takes a massive toll on your body; I didn’t realize how this schedule would affect me however I am excited because I am learning about time management. However I am still really slow and cannot seem to keep up with everyone just yet. My trainer has seen my frustration and she tells me that this shift can take a while to adjust too.

I was able to go to Epcot this week and see some of the characters. I was so excited; being in parks seems to wash away the stress I feel from work. Being in the parks is like a reset button, it makes me realize where I work. When I am working in the kitchen without being able to see the parks, it just seems like I am working in any other kitchen, instead of Disney. Epcot was amazing and I also learned that fast passes make everything go faster, it cancels out the anticipation of waiting to see the characters. The fast passes also help rid the feeling of anxiety when you are nervous about entering a ride you are nervous with going into, which helps when you are not used to going on rides.

I also was able to take a bus to the Asian Market which only happens twice a month. Being the Asian Market was like visiting Chinatown back in New York. There had been new food that I hadn’t seen before, which I ended up buying and making that night. My problem is how can I go back to ramen after trying new delicious noodles.

On a serious note, I just received an email, notifying me that I will be consolidated and must move into a new apartment or possibly another complex. I have no idea how I am going to move when I barely have time to do anything else besides sleep, work, and eat. Also who knows who I will be living with, the roommates I have are about themselves, I feel alone in this apartment. I hope this is not the case at wherever else I have to move to.

Let’s see when I will get my date to move out and where I will be moving to. See you next week!

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