Weekly Journal #11

imageThis was a very big week academically, I had a midterm in my Human Resources Management class and a project due in my Advanced Hospitality class. Needless to say my week was completely booked. In both of these classes I have students from City Tech who take them with me and it has defiantly made the experience a lot better. Everyone else in the classes is very open and social when it comes to group discussions but it is always nice to have a familiar face.

My main concern this week was the big project due for my Hospitality class. The Midterm in Huaman Resource was about material that we have been covering for week so I felt a little but more secure that I would do well. For this project we had to create a website based on the randomly selected hospitality business that we were given many weeks in advance. Over the course of the class our professor would give us group activities that were to be put in the project so that we had the chance to ask questions if needed. This was a great opportunity to work in groups using real situations that can happen when running a business.

My group and I were in charge of a value resort hotel that we named ” Ohana”. This was a Hawaiian themed resort with various family oriented activities. We really tried to research specific foods and parts of their culture to really bring the theme to life. We all took different managerial positions with in the hotel, such as I was head of the Bar. This included taking charge of special events and maintaining inventory.

As a group I do feel like we did well with working together and coming up with idea that we can all agree on. Four out of the five members of my group were from City Tech so having people that I have worked with before in the past was just a plus. I am very happy to say that we all did our part in making this website and can’t wait to see what our professor’s opinion is.

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