Read and React #4.

Any cast member may get bored or frustrated having to repeat the same information or answering the same questions over and over again. As many jobs in the hospitality industry can be just exactly the same. We are working with certain guests that can be unsatisfied, however we also have guests that come into Disney very grateful to even experience the magic that Walt Disney World has to bring to them. That is what partially makes us keep the magic alive working with WDW Company.

Something I’ve noticed working with WDW Company and their employees is that some of their employees have worked 10+ years without a complaint at all. Either they have grown used to it or it must be something else. All employees get incentives, how grand the incentive depends on how long you’ve worked there. Some perks working for this multi-million company are getting free park admission, a certain amount of free tickets for family and friends. We also get discount at different restaurants, hotels, businesses and merchandise. During the holidays our regular percentage off doubles in amount, which is a very sweet deal.

I’ve also spoken to some leaders and coordinators and they have said that there are appreciation days and parties for them. Following that, just recently I received an email notifying all of the college programmers that Typhoon Lagoon will be closed to the public for a certain amount of hours to open strictly for us, along with serving us food.

According the article “Why Do Employees Stay? A Qualitative Exploration of Employee Tenure” there are many reasons to why employees have such loyalty to the companies they work at. Two huge reasons that were explained in the article are financial need to work and friends at work. They explain that friends at the location you work at can motivate each other to work diligently. When someone sees a fellow peer working hard, its human nature to want to do the same thing. As with financial needs, its quite simple, people need money to pay for obligations or desires. Obligations as in credit card bills or rent. On the other hand it may not be obligations but a desire or a want, for example, saving up for a vacation.

How this effects me? I, myself need to pay for rent at The Commons complex and also need to buy food to feed myself. That is what motivates me. I believe that is what motivates many college programmers.

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