Weekly Journal #10

imageFrom what I have been told when entering into to Flower and Garden you will not be deployed anywhere else until the Fesival is over. This was definitely the greatest news that I herd all week. Although I have appreciated the different kinds of learning opportunities, the stress of preparing yourself for a new job location can take up a lot of time, especially when you do not have a car.

For a majority of the other Disney locations, besides Epcot, where you would pick up your costume is in a completely different location then where you are working. When being deployed to Animal Kingdom I had to leave an extra 3 hours early to go pick up my costume and still make it to work on time. They request that you pick it up days before but the costuming building is only open until about 6pm and at my other locations I wouldn’t get out until much later. Added to the fact that the bus only goes around one way, so if I were to take the bus to costuming I would have to ride the bus all the way back to vista way before I can even make it back to Animal Kingdom.

Working at Flower and Garden has been one of the best deployments thus far. It feels as if I am back in my home locations since the carts are just like the ones in Future World just with remarkably better food. The customers are also a lot more greatful for our services since they know this is a limited time offer. Most of the other cast members who have been working Flower and Garden since it has opened have been suprisingly welcoming to the newly deployed people such as myself. I am very happy to be able to gain real connections with my leaders and managers so that I can actually show why Disney accepted me into this program; and hope that in the future they will be able to lend a helping hand when trying to return to the company.

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