Weekly Journal #9


I am now about half way through my program. I feel lucky in the fact that I had been accepted into the Spring Advantage Program and is staying until the beginning of August. I have had a lot of new friends that tried to extend their program and unfortunately didn’t make it in. There are days that I do miss New York and my family but I know that there is a lot more advantages for me here in Florida and when I come back I will have more then enough time to be in New York again.

This week to no shock to me I was deployed to Disney Aminal Kingdom Outdoor Vending. I was doing the same job as I do at Epcot just at a different park. I was very happy to get this location because I knew of other Epcot coworkers who have been deployed to Animal Kingdom and hated their position. Also I am very lucky to have my room mate who also works at Aminal Kingdom ODV. She was able to show me around along with introducing me to her other coworkers.

The way that Animal Kingdom operates was very different then what I am use to at Epcot. I have always known that each park has its own rules and regulations but I thought which in each line of business their would be more similarities. What I loved about this week was that because I am deployed they never put me for a closing or opening shifts, so this week was like a little vacation compared to the work I have to do at Epcot.

This week is also the second and last week that classes are not in session due to spring break. As much as I enjoy these classes it was a nice break from having such a hectic schedule every week. Some of the other CP’s from city tech and myself took this time to enjoy ourselves and do some site seeing around Florida. It was a nice way to unwind from these past couple of weeks with familiar faces. We all have our own struggles throughout this program but are very lucky to have each other.

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