Weekly Reflective Journal #8

Spring break season at Disney is finally over. There were various changes Disney made before spring break happened. They were getting ready for one of the most busiest season of the year. There are people coming from all over the world to just spend a few days at a Disney Resort and visit the castle at Magic Kingdom. I had guests from Egypt, Argentina, Brazil, Japan and others. How do I know all of this? I always love to ask where are they from. First, to know if maybe they live in Florida so I can give them discounted tickets, and second because I love to acknowledge where they come from. A few weeks before spring break, vacation planning had a training. Here at Disney, we constantly get training classes such as product knowledge, class, 4 keys class, selling relationship magic class, and others. This time the training was a little bit different. Disney came up with new prices for their theme park tickets. It was a whole new price structure. Before we only had one price for a 1-day park, and a 1-day park hopper. However this changed, now it’s divided in 3 seasons. Value season which is the cheapest one and the most slow season. Regular season as its name say it’s just a regular day not too slow but not too busy at the same time. And then we have Peak season, the most busiest season and the most expensive of all. To show just how much the prices increased here is an example. 1-day Magic Kingdom ticket was $111.80 now during peak season a 1-day Magic Kingdom ticket is $132.45.

With this new price structure and increase, it’s very hard to explain it to guests. I have guests coming to my window getting very angry when I tell them how much is a 1-day ticket. Sometimes they say it is cheaper online, but I try to explain it to them that they probably looked at the value season ticket, and if they buy that ticket they won’t be able to enter the park and would have to upgrade their ticket anyways.

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Because everyone knows how busy Disney is during Spring Break, Disney gave us a break on classes. We had a mini spring break from the collegiate courses for 2 weeks. My location did not get too busy, so they still gave me 2 days off a week. I usually have 2 days off every week, but they are on the day I have class as well. So i really never have a day off. I have to wake up early 7 days a week. It really felt good to wake up a little later, and the ladies from City tech and I planned a trip to the beach. We visited Clearwater beach, it was very very nice. We went on a boat tour to see the dolphins., and drive around the gulf of Mexico. We have got very close during our time here in Disney, and with only one month left of my program, I am sad to leave my job and my friends. But very glad I got to meet people I will never forget.

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