Weekly Reflective Journal #7

This is the last week of classes before spring break starts here at Disney. In my class, advanced hospitality, we have been learning to market our brand. Each group has a different line of business and we have to market it in the best way possible. My group has been given a value resort. We have to look at the brand identity, awareness and loyalty. We also have to campaign the brand as well.

The people that make up the company are very important. Running a company on your own is very hard. Like they say “Two heads is better than one.” It’s always better to have other people besides yourself help come up with ideas that support the brand. It makes looking at the bigger picture a lot easier.

In relation to Walt Disney World, every employee is important to the company. Every employee is there to help make Disney World the most magical place on earth. Disney needs those same employees to carry on Walt Disney’s legacy, to help carry out the 4 keys and to create happiness everyday in people’s lives.

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