Read and React #4

Keeping the Magic alive at work in Walt Disney World sometimes can be easy and sometimes not. In general keeping employees happy is a difficult task ┬ámanagement team in any company have to deal with. For example, it’s been two mounts already that I’m working in the housekeeping department at Art of Animation Resort Walt Disney world and I still keep the magic alive. One of the reason why I still keep the magic alive is because I have very clear in my mind what I want in the future and where I’m going to. I believe that in order to be happy in what you are doing at work is first liking what you do, second doing your best with the best positive attitude possible to while working, and third knowing that liking you job and working with a positive attitude will help you to move up in the company you’re in.


Like this quote says, keeping your dreams alive will help you keep the magic alive as well to achieve anything in life. That is exactly what I’m doing now. Even though Housekeeping is hard physical work, I have the dedication and determination to work hard and keep the magic alive. Sometimes I feel tired and exhausted and then I think that nobody said that it was going to be easy, and no matter what people decide to do in life their have to start from the bottom to move up and be successful. In the article ” Why Do Employees Stay? A Qualitative Exploration of Employee Tenure” by John T. Self and Dewald states that most of the long-term employees last long at their work location due to financial needs, zone of comfort, and having good friendship at work. Believe it or not more than fifty percent of employees stay at their jobs for those reasons. I understand that staying in a job because of financial situation it’s a strong reason to stay, but I believe that it shouldn’t be no reason to stay in a job unhappy ┬ábecause although the job keeps your financial stable, your happiness wont be stable though.

Overall, based on the article and on my personal opinion, I think that  keeping  the magic alive or to be happy at work is the most important thing because at the end of the day people spend most of their time at work than at home or with their love ones. Therefore, I suggest that people need to know what they really want in life in order to be happy and to always keep the magic ALIVE!.

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