Reflective Photo Journal #9


Spring is finally here and in my resort as it was expected we have been very busy. I did not know that here in Florida Spring and Summer time rains everyday, but even though we have this crazy weather all parks and resorts are always full. Although we have had a busy Spring break, this week hasn’t been that bad for. Luckily my leader always look after me, for example, this past Monday she didn’t give me a lot of rooms to clean because she wanted me to help her in her office. I am so thankful that my leader consider me to learn and do different tasks at my work location.

Because Monday was such a productive day full of new experience, I will explain exactly how Monday was. My day at work starts at 8:00AM every morning so last Monday was not the exception, when I got in the office to get my board, the board is the work plan for the day where it tells you how many checkouts and occupied rooms you will have to do for the day. Normally in a normal day every Housekeeper has to clean eighteen rooms, but when she gave me my board she told me “I only gave you fourteen rooms to do and no checkouts, because you will help me close the building at the end of the shift” and then the last words that she tells me was “Made me proud Marilyn” at that moment I felt that she was giving me a lot of responsibility. Right away I left to do my task to finish early so I can be by her office on time as she asked me to. When I got in the office she gave me a complete building to close, I had to make sure that all the housekeepers completed their boards and if not they had to explain me why they weren’t unable to clean that room. Before doing all of that, Lucy my leader explain to me how the system called Lilo works and because I’m really good in technology it wasn’t hard for me to learn. At 3:30PM all the housekeepers start to arrive to give me their boards, there was one time that I was really busy and had to multitask like a real manager does, but at the end I believe I did a great job.

When I finished checking out all the housekeepers, my leader told me “Thanks Marilyn you did such an amazing job, you are really smart”. I was really proud of myself and I couldn’t resist to ask her why she is considering me to help her and to learn management tasks. She told me that she is doing all of that because she sees in me a lot of potential in this industry.

I am sure that all I’m learning here will help me to grow professionally and personally in the future.

like Walt would say “If you can dream it you can do it” -Disney World.

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