Weekly Reflective Journal #7

Spring season is here and the rain has started. This past week work has been a little slow for spring break. As a vacation planner we have meetings every morning before our shift starts, we get to know the park hours, forecast and any updates on attractions closed for refurbishment. We were expecting a closure phase for Magic Kingdom but it never happened. When they close Magic Kingdom, vacation planners are not allowed to sell a 1-day ticket for MK, instead we collect vouchers that they are supposed to get at the auto plaza when they try to get in Magic Kingdom’s parking lot. After we collect the vouchers we give them a ticket valid to any of the other 3 parks and then they can go to Magic Kingdom after 5 pm. Luckily, this closure has not happened yet. And it may not happened now until May which is when I leave, however it was good to know what to expect just in case Magic Kingdom reaches capacity.


With spring season coming we also had the Flower and Garden International Festival at Epcot. It is really cool. There are sculptures of different Disney characters made of plants and flowers. Also, they have outdoor kitchens located in the world showcase, my favorite is La Isla Fresca which is in the Mexico Pavilion but it’s a Caribbean snack spot. Also, they have a concert series in the American Gardens Theater, I had the chance to see The Village People live this past weekend.

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