Weekly Journal #8


This week I was luckily still at Epcot out door vending and was actually being cross trained so I have the skills to work in the world showcase. So far what I am certified for right now is Future World but with this new training I have a lot more locations at which they can place me. During my initial training I did get to visit the locations within the world showcase but never actually got to partake in the daily function.

During my training I was with another College Progam member and friend also named Amanda. I was very happy to be training with her because we both know how each other works and learns by now so it made the day go by a lot smoother. On this day of training we were placed at Refreshment Port which is a very demanding location. In this kisoc they sell chicken nuggets and french fries, soft serve ice cream in a cup an a waffle cone, crounuts ( crossiant doughnuts ), soft non alcoholic beverages and one Lynchy spiked lemonade.

The part that really makes this place so demanding is the chicken nuggets and fries. We typically cook them to order because the hold time for both items are so short we do not want to just run through the product. So when we get a lot of orders we need someone contsisntaly on the friers to make sure we get out all of the orders.

I would have to say my absolute favorite thing about training is that we get to try all the food for free. So on my lunch we were able to take an order of nuggets and fries as well as a crounu, which were delicious. This allows us to really give our own perspective when a guests comes and asks about any of the products on our menu.

I still have one more day left of training along with my assessment, but after that I will be fully trained to work in the entire Epcot park for out door vending.

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