Photo Journal #8

This past week has been fun and full of discoveries. I was trained as a runner. this is another job that is performed as part of the front desk. They receive and deliver packages for guests and they also make sure that they help meet all of the guests requests, including but not limited to the purchase of merchandise, merchandise exchange, room inspection, etc. I was very excited and I got to explore the resort and get more familiar with the property outside of the front desk area. I was very excited and I loved it. After training there is a possibility that I might be scheduled as a runner at some point at least once during a week. I would really love to be given the change to be a runner again since It is very challenging and it keeps you busy, and you still get to interact with the guests.

Also at front desk this week, we had a very busy week, a lot of people checked in including groups or high school teams that had training at ESPN wide world of sports, schools from all over the country were checking in and also many people on spring break. We were so busy, we just kept checking people in, one after the other. We barely had time to look around us for a minute. I found this to be pretty challenging yet the more practice I get, the more efficient I become.

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