Weekly Journal #7


When faced with a real emergency you really hope that you can come out on top of the situation and hopefully do what is needed of you. It is only when you are really in the situation that you will know how you are going to react. During the Flower and Garden Festival this month, mainly because it is Easter, they had a special egg hunt of the guests. When participating in this egg hunt you are to travel around the entire park in search of these giant Disney styles eggs. Once you have found all of them they reward you with your own souvenir Disney egg. Everyone was very excited about this egg hunt, especially since their was a free prize involved.

I was back working at Epcot this week so I was able to see all the children happy to have found all the Easter eggs. I was working at one of the busiest carts in the park, “ice cream 2”. It is so busy because it is one of the first food carts you see when entering. It was just a random moment in the day when my line was fairly short. I am helping out my customers as needed when a lady runs up to me saying a baby a choking. I look over and see the entire family in a panic. At this point I did not even know what to do myself as I need the crowd forming around the family. Luckily I see a man step in and take the child and starts doing the appropriate CPR that is supposed to be performed on a child of that age. Come to find out the baby had stuck almost the whole Disney Easter Egg in his mouth and half of it was lodged in his throat. Thankfull the man was able to get it out.

When in training they tell you about situations like this one occurring but you don’t every really expect it to happen right in front of you. As said many times their number one priority is safety so in emergent situations we can do what has to be done. I can fully admit I was not personally prepared for a real situation like this. When seeing what was happening I felt myself freeze then went to a fellow coworker to see what to do next. It was defiantly heart racing but now I know I need to get myself more prepared for real life crisis’s like this one.


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