Reflective Journal #8

This week has been a very special week for all the College Program (PC) housekeepers because after all these weeks of work we were finally recognized for our hard work. Last Wednesday our leaders prepared a potluck for lunch, we got together and spent two hours eating and sharing our experiences. During those two hours each and every leader went to the front and told us about their experience and how they started working and moving up in Disney. Each story was very motivated and special, why special and motivated?, because all of the started from the bottom and some of them were a college program as I am today. That makes me see that anything in this world can be possible, also I had the change to meet more CPs from other cities and from another country. Since now everything is about networking, I think it was very important that we all had the change to meet up and network.

I also was so excited because I tried different dishes that I had never tried before.  One of the dishes that I tried was from Haiti, Even though Haiti and my country  The Dominican Republic is one land and only one line is separating them, I have never had the opportunity to share they culture and traditions. When I was eating that dish which is their tradition dish that represent who they are, I noticed that it is very similar to our traditional dish too. The way the cook it is very similar to ours, it’s incredible to see how these two country even though they don’t get alone still share the same roots that we all have which are from African and Spanish from Spain. Today I am so glad that I tried that dish because now I know more about their culture and I definitely will try more dishes from Haiti.


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